MAE persistent about European arrest warrant on Tcaciuc being served

Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) has insistently and repeatedly requested through all the diplomatic and consular channels at its disposal in Bucharest and Vienna that the European Arrest Warrant issued on Romanian citizen Severin Tcaciuc be served.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, MAE confirms that there is a request for the extradition of Tcaciuc submitted to the Austrian authorities by Romania’s Ministry of Justice and Citizens’ Freedoms.

‘MAE has reputedly got in touch with the Justices Ministry, the INTERPOL Office in Romania, the INTERPOL Austria Office, the Austrian Foreign Ministry and the Austrian Embassy in Bucharest to whom it has submitted the entire documentation regarding the case, together with the court decision under which Tcaciuc is declared guilty and the European Arrest Warrant is requested to be served.

MAE is delighted to see that following its demarches the Austrian authorities heeded to the request of the Romanian party,’ reads the release.
The release also says that according to international regulation and practice the arrest of people internationally wanted for extradition is notified to the national INTERPOL offices, which implement the extradition decisions.

‘Consequently, the Austrian authorities are under no obligation to officially inform the MAE or the Romanian Embassy about such arrests,’ MAE says in the release.

The Romanian Ministry of Justice and Citizens’ Freedoms on Wednesday confirmed that Tcaciuc was arrested by Austrian authorities for being handed over to Romania.

The Federal Ministry of Justice of Austria informed the Romanian Justice Ministry on Wednesday that Romanian national Severin Tcaciuc was apprehended on August 11, 2009 to be handed over to the Romanian authorities for extradition.

On Wednesday, Austrian authorities informed INTERPOL Bucharest about the arrest on August 11 of Romanian national Severin Tcaciuc, 50, internationally wanted since 2004, the Romanian Police report.
Several sentence serving warrants have been issued on Tcaciuc in relation to the criminal offences of fraud, tax evasion and outrageous behaviour.

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