Minimum industrial wage might go up 25pc in 2010, says Labour Minister Sarbu

The minimum industrial wage in Romania might be increased by 25 percent as from January 1, 2010, Labour Minister Marian Sarbu told a television channel in a statement.

Talking about the lay-offs to be performed this year in the public sector, Sarbu said the laid- off could receive redundancy payments as a minimum social security measure.

The minister did not mention any hard figure of the lay-offs, saying only that the public sector will be smaller also because of another principle included in the letter of intent to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that for seven lay-offs there will be one hiring.

‘This means that only 15 percent of the vacancies will be taken by new staff,’ said Sarbu.

On Wednesday, the Boc Cabinet came up with suggestions for restructuring the agencies operating under the authority of the Government, indicating that more than 16,000 agency staff will be made redundant in the period immediately ahead, also presenting estimates of the savings resulting in the process.


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