Panta Rhei conference, in Brasov, in October

Romania will organize, in Brasov, center of Romania, Oct 20-22, 2009, the 3th edition of the Panta Rhei conference, an event to be attended by the representatives of the Agencies for Payments operating in the field of agriculture in the EU member states.

General manager of APIA Daniel Constantin, has recently said, that the election of Romania as the state organizing the Panta Rhei conference is an opportunity for an exchange of information and experience with the other Payment agencies in the EU.

„The selection of Romania as an organizing country of the Panta Rhei conference is an honour for us and we want to profit from this opportunity for proving that progress has been made in the process of implementation of the information system of management of payment in agriculture.

The event is an opportunity for an exchange of information and experience with the other Payment Agencies in the European Union, ” said APIA general manager Daniel Constantin.
The Panta Rhei conferences are organized biannually, usually in the months of March and April and Oct and Nov.

The main topics on the agenda of the conferences are the security of the IT systems and the way of implementation of the international security standards, methods of online submission of the support requests, the manner of implementation of the controls stipulated by the European legislation, the IT support for controls, the optimization of the use of the resources, or the architecture of the information systems.

Panta Rhei is an organization of the European Union, made up from all the Payment Agencies operating in the field of agriculture, in the EU member states.

The organization operates as a platform for the exchange of ideas and experience in the field of the Common Agriculture Policies, especially in the achievement and operation of the information systems, which lie at the basis of the aid schemes financed from European money.

The event offers Romania an opportunity to promote the national interests and to intensify the efforts for ensuring visibility abroad. The secretariat and the leadership of Panta Rhei conferences are ensured, for four years, by a member state.
As of Jan 1, 2009, the secretariat of Panta Rhei conferences is ensured by Sweden.

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