STK Emergent: Profit worth 1.34m lei in Q2

STK Emergent fund reported in Q2 net profit worth 1.34 million lei, the company informs.
Profit was derived from dividends, from the portfolio’s management activity and from interest rates.
Since the beginning of the year and until now net assets grew 5.15 percent.
Assets represented by shares listed and bank deposits grew 13 percent since the beginning of the year.

Since release until the end of June unitary net assets of the fund reported a better yield compared to BET index.
The evolution of – 10.31 percent of STK Emergenťs net assets is above the profitability of BET index., which went down by 54.1 percent in the same period.

STK Emergent is the first open-end investment fund admitted for trading on regulated market managed by Bucharest Stock Exchange. The investment policy aims the allotment of the fund’s resources in a ratio of 60 percent in financial shares and 40 percent in real estate shares. Profitability target is of minimum 25 percent a year and 1.3 x BET index.

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