We don’t have a decision regarding Romania’s European commissioner

The negotiations on the European commissioner Romania will have continues these days, but no decision has been made yet, the ForMin Cristian Diaconescu told Agerpres on Friday, in Cluj-Napoca (north-west of Bucharest).

„The dialogue these days and weeks continues with our European partners and we still cannot say we have a clear decision as regards Romania, but we participate in what are called the internal negotiations, to get both the portfolio and the nomination of a candidate”, Cristian Diaconescu said.

The Romanian diplomacy’s chief explained that the vote for the European commissioners is going to be given after the vote for the European Commission’s president.

„By mid-September, the informal consultations in connection with the European commissioner are to be closed. After the candidacy of Mr. Barroso will be submitted to the European Parliament’s vote, shortly after that the vote for the European commissioners will take place”, he said.

As for the name of the future Romanian commissioner, Diaconescu said the nomination is formally submitted by the Government, say for Agriculture or Regional development or Development projects, so that Romania should find its place as the 7th state in the European Union, Cristian Diaconescu added.

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