Basescu, satisfied with Roman industrial compound’s resuming activity

President Traian Basescu on Friday at the Roman industrial compound in the city of Brasov, where an Egyptian company resumed the production of tractors, said that during the visit paid to Cairo in 2007, President Hosni Mubarak told him that in his country Romanian tractors were in high demand.

„Though I was skeptical about the compound’s resuming activity, now I’m satisfied with what I see.
President Mubarak, told me at a meeting in 2007 that more than anything else, he wanted several Romanian tractors exported to Egypt.

Now he gets the first 25,” Basescu said. He met with the compound’s leadership and the Egyptian company’s representatives.

„Romanian tractors are used all over Egypt. In time we bought 80,000 tractors from the factory in Brasov.
The Romanian tractors are the best and we will continue to but them because they do not have Chinese or Indian parts,” Ahmed el Sad said.

Romania SA has a contract with Egypt according to which it has to deliver 300 tractors, the first 25 of which will be exported in the next few days.
According to the company’s technical director Carol Rugaci, the contract will account for 3,000 tractors over the next years and most probably their number will increase.

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