Boc: 42 km. of motorway to be finalized till Romania’s National Day

We have the guarantee that the 42 km. motorway segment between Turda and Gilau will be finalized till Romania’s National Day, announced on Friday Premier Emil Boc.

„I am here to be sure that the promises are kept. Utilities have been transferred, there is no obstacle in this regard. The viaducts are finalized. Currently, we have the guarantee that the 42 km. motorway segment between Turda and Gilau will be finalized and Cluj inhabitants will be spared of the heavy traffic which has affected their lives for so many years”, said Boc.

Transilvania motorway works were launched in the summer of 2004.
A year later they were halted, and the building company Bechtel asked for the re-negotiation of the contract concluded in 2003, respectively the increase of the price from 2.4 to more than 5 billion euros.

The construction was re-launched in 2006. The motorway construction project was funded with 700 million euros over 2007-2008.

Transilvania motorway has a 415 km. length, connecting Brasov to Bors, and the platform is 26 m. wide. More than 55 km. of the total length are covered with bridges and viaducts.

The projects is divided into eight segments. The motorway is provided with 58 road passages, 94 foot bridges and 16 junctions. The finalization deadline is 2013-2014.

Motorway construction also benefits of a technological premiere in Romania, materialized in the use of pre-tensioned u-beams, used for viaducts and bridges on Transilvania motorway, with 37.1 m. in length each, and a weight of 165 tons, and for producing just one beam 9,000 kg. iron are needed, alongside 60 cubic m. of concrete and 3,400 kg. of metallic cables.

They are made by Bechtel Co. on the construction yards close to Savadisla and Turda.
Bechtel Co. is working at present on two segments, respectively Campia Turzii – Gilau (52 km.) and Suplacu de Barcau – Bors (64 km.).

In 2009, construction works on another two segments are to be launched, respectively Cluj – Mihailesti and Mihailesti – Suplacu de Barcau.
Approx. 4,000 workers are employed for the motorway construction: 1,700 by Bechtel, 700 by subcontractors, around 1,000 drivers plus some other staff.

On July 22, Minister of Transport Radu Berceanu said that this year a first segment of 42 km. will become operational on Transilvania motorway (Brasov, center – Bors, west, editor’s note), between Turda and Gilau, in Cluj County (center-west).

He added that, in case the needed financing is secured, as well as the working front, the motorway could reach the cross-border point Bors till November 2010.

The most expensive segment of Transilvania motorway, according to estimations made by Minister Radu Berceanu, is the one between Campia Turzii and Bors, of 189 km., at an estimated cost of 2.5 billion euros.

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