Boc: I believe that starting in Q4 we will stop economic fall

The economic fall could be stopped in Q4 this year, and in Q1 2010, Romania could register a slight increase, said, on Thursday, in Cluj, center north-west, PM Emil Boc.

He stressed that the economic growth in Q1 2008 depends on three factors, namely the continuation of investment in the infrastructure of all kinds (roads, environment, agriculture, education), the unblocking of crediting, and the decrease in the price of crediting for SMEs, and investment in the absorption of the European funds, aimed at offering the premises for a decrease in the economic fall in Q1 this year.

„I believe that starting in Q4 we will stop the economic fall and a slight increase will be seen in Q1, 2010. The condition is the continuation of massive investment in the infrastructure, the injecting of money in the economy,” Boc said.

PM Emil Boc and Transport minister Radu Berceanu are paying, on Friday, a visit on the site of Transylvania motorway, in Gilau area, and on that of the south-eastern belt of Cluj-Napoca, where the belt of Gherla will be inaugurated.

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