Fetesti – Cernavoda bridge toll still on

The toll for using the Fetesti – Cernavoda Danube River bridge (southeastern Romania) would continue to be in force and tachograph and road tax disc check¬ups would be introduced, Transport Minister Radu Berceanu announced on Friday.

‘Things with the Cernavoda Bridge will remain exactly as they are,’ stressed Minister Berceanu when visiting the Transilvania motorway building site, at Gilau.

‘In addition, we will introduce a permanent weighing machine, and even from here, I tell the drivers who still believe that Romania will continue to be no-man’s land, that I intend that gradually the taxes that must be paid, they will pay in Romania as well, as they piously pay them when driving in Hungary or Austria,’ Minister Berceanu said.

Romania’s Transport Minister added that the Romanian drivers must get used to pay for driving on certain roads, same as they do in other countries, and gave France as an example, where, as Berceanu said, it is charged a 30 euro toll to drive across a viaduct.

‘All the countries had their infrastructure built on money, there is no solution to have it built without money, yet. (…)
Those who travel must pay, and those who have no driving license or no car must not pay,’ Transport Minister stressed.

It was decided that the Fetesti-Cernavoda Danube River bridge should run as a toll bridge as of Monday, August 3.

Car drivers (all-terrain vehicles included) are charged 10 lei; motorbikes – 7 lei; microbuses, automotives with a maximum authorized weight of less than 12 tonnes – 35 lei; buses, coaches, automotives with a maximum total authorized weight equal to or higher than 12 tonnes and a maximum of 3 axles – 47 lei.

For vehicles with a maximum total authorized weight higher than or equal to 12 tonnes and four axles at least, the fee was set at 68 lei.
The fees apply to vehicles registered in Romania and in other states, for each crossing, regardless the destination.


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