Ilie Sarbu: Good Parctices Code in food industry to be endorsed in September

The Good Practices Code in the food industry will be endorsed in the first week of September , Agriculture Minister Ilie Sarbu told a private TV show Thursday.

„We want to make this Code a priority, because, I have to admit, there are many things at stake. Iťs inadmissible that after the Govt took responsibility for it and submitted to Parliament under emergency procedure, it has been passed by the Senate but has stopped in the Chamber of Deputies,” Sarbu said.

He highlighted that he talked to the coalition representatives to pay special attention to this law , as once enforced, it would bring significant drops in the food prices.

Employers’ associations and trade unions in the food industry on February 2009 signed, without the retailers being present, the draft Good Practices Code in the food industry.

In April they announced they signed the Good Practices Code in the form approved by the Govt and the changes signalled by the executive annulled the positive effects they would have had, a cut in food prices included. The project set a purchase price for food.


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