Marian Sarbu: Pensions to go up by 2% starting Oct. 1

Pensions will go starting October 1, by two percent, whilst the minimal social guaranteed pension will raise from 300 to 350 lei, said to a private TV station, labourt minister Marian Sarbu.

Regarding the growth of minimal wage by 25 percent as of January 1, 2010, Sarbu said that talks in this respect have been already held at the Finance Ministry.

‘Our intention is to observe a calendar established by all the parties and trade unions, although the rise of the minimal wage after the implementation of the new law on wage will have no influence on pay scale because until all the state employees reach the pay scales set by the initial text, the government will be entitled to make those differentiated rises,’ said the labour minister.

At present the minimal wage is of 600 lei.
According to the Romanian official, the law on the uniform wage system will break for a transition period the connection between the minimal wage and all the other salaries.

‘Proportional rises will be removed in the budgetary system from the pay scale because this is the aim of the new law on wage. Low salaries lagged behind, while other wages from the budget system went up,’ said Marian Sarbu.

According to the draft law on uniform wage system, the bulk of bonuses will be introduced in the basic salaries and within a 3-year timescale they are expected to account foronly 30 percent of the wage, compared to over 50 percent at present.

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