Mocanu: Mass salary to increase by just 20 pct, over 2010-2015

Mass salary increase is set at just 20 percent over 2010-2015, whereas the Gross Domestic Product outlook is of 50 percent during the same period, announced Valentin Mocanu, State secretary with the Ministry of Labor, on a TV channel.

„The evolution of mass salary over 2015-20 15 is reduced a lot as against the GDP evolution forecast, of approximately 50 percent; throughout this period the mass salary will not increase more than some 20 percent, meaning that through the salary policy in this zone we will attain the target proposed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to reach at a given moment at approximately six percent of the GDP in terms of spending”, explained Mocanu.

He stressed that the current salary scale, as provided by the single law, is formed of a new structure with no amounts in it, just an hierarchy based on coefficients.

„Those with a higher social value of labor are on the hierarchy top. Those with a lower social value are down on the pay scale. We do not refer to amounts.

Lowest salary in the system is for the unqualified workers and the highest is Romania’s President. The second extremely important element, when devising the scale from structural point of view, is that the minimum salary equals 50 percent of the average salary.

This is an element taking into account both a coherent salary policy and some recommendations made by the Governmental Committee of the European Social Charter, which draws Romania’s attention that the current ratio of 30 percent, instead of 50 percent, is against the policy imposed through the European Social Charter”, pointed out the dignitary.


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