Net profit almost two time higher at Titan SA, in H1

Bakery maker Titan S.A. reported a net profit worth 5.028 million lei, in H1, 2009, up 1.8 times compared with the same period of 2008, when it got 2.847 million lei, read data sent to the Bucharest Stock Exchange, BVB.

In the first six months of the current year, the company had total revenues worth 116.577 million lei, or some 27.4 million euros, down 25.6 percent, and made total expenses worth 110.571 million lei, or around 26 million euros, down 28 percent, compared with H1 2008.

The net turnover stood at 115.371 million lei, or some 27.1 million euros, down 25.36 percent from H1 2008.
In the period of analysis, the number of the employees of Titan rose from 936 to 972.

The main shareholders of the company are LLI Euromills GMGH Vienna, with 97.5815 percent of the shares, and other shareholders, with 2.4185 percent.


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