PNL member Orban suggests Premier should go on holiday without pay and President should retire on a pension

First vice-chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban told a news conference on Friday that Premier Emil Boc should go on a holiday without pay in the next three and a half years and President Traian Basescu should retire on a pension.

„I have one single thing to say: I am asking Mr Boc to go on a holiday without pay for the next three and a half years as this is the only solution for Romania to get out of the crisis.

Obviously he should be accompanied on this holiday without pay by all the minsters and, last but not least, Mr Traian Basescu should retire on a pension,” Ludovic Orban told the news conference given in Brasov (north-west of Bucharest) on the occasion of the League of the PNL Local Authorities.

Orban assured that, after coming to power, the Liberals would find resources for paying the pensions, the one of the Head of State included, and the salaries without resorting to the money borrowed from the International Monetary Fund.

Minister of Public Finance Gheorghe Pogea said on Tuesday that all the budget employees would have their working time cut by the equivalent of ten days over September-November, a fact that will lead to a diminution of expenses by 0.3 percent of the GDP, that is 1.5 billion lei.

For this the budget employees will either have ten days of holiday without pay or their office hours will be reduced from eight to six hours.

But President Traian Basescu said the Government’s approach to sending the budget employees on holiday without pay seemed wrong to him and pleaded for a „correct selection of the staff,” without considering the political affiliation and the political clientele.


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