Ruling coalition discuss PSD anti-crisis measures

The 24 measures the Social Democratic Party (PSD) proposed for the anti-crisis programme were discussed during the conference with the Democrat- Liberal partners, PSD vice-president and Minister for SEMs, Trade and Business Environment Constantin Nita told Agerpres, on Sunday.

Nita thinks that Democrat Liberal Economy Minister Adriean Videanu displays an incorrect conduct when he says that the measures are shameful and embarrassing and he fails making public all the information on the matter.

‘I am astounded by Mr. Videanu’s response because we were discussing the 24 measures within the ruling coalition.
The Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) sent us no material, but they just came and said that some were acceptable and some were not. Surely we didn’t dare say that the PD- L’s measures were shameful,’ Minister Nita said.

PSD Minister pointed out that both the steps PSD had proposed for mitigating the crisis and those PD-L had tabled on the same issue were perfectible and had to be publicly debated, and the coalition had continued the talks on them.

Minister Nita said that PSD measures had been included in an anti-crisis programme only after the Social Democrats had been holding talks with the business environment, the social partners and the representatives of the political milieu.

‘Therefore, I think Mr. Videanu’s gesture was not correct and I think he was wrong describing the measures as shameful and embarrassing,’ Nita said.

During a news conference on Sunday, PDL first vice-president Adriean Videanu criticized PSD decision on having presented its measures and said they had not been discussed within the coalition, but also because they had breached the Directive 112/2006 related to the VAT correlation.

‘We have first talked with them and we made the measures public after only, but they for politicking reasons, and I just have the liberty to say it, because I warned them in the coalition’s joint sitting, ‘Don’t come out with the measures, with the 24 ones, because many of them are embarrassing and break the EU directives, let’s talk within the coalition and make them public only afterwards,’ which I fully observed,’ Videanu concluded adding that introducing the costs standards at the local administration level is a priority for both PD-L and PSD.

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