Traian Basescu: Economic crisis mirrors excesses in administration

President Traian Basescu on Friday in Brasov said that the Govt’s plan to force public employees into taking 10 days off without pay was wrong and pleaded for a „fair selection of staff” irrespective of the political color and preferences.

„I think the Govt’s decision is wrong for one reason. It will also punish the good employees who will get 30% less money. In my opinion we should be realistic, as the crisis mirrors the excesses of administration,” Basescu explained.

The head of state said institutions in the central and local administration are inefficient and, instead of paying all employees less, he suggested performance evaluations to to keep „skillful employees” and oust „weak employees”.

„If you take localities with the same number of citizens, some have 12 employees , others 95. Something is obviously wrong and, despite autonomy, this mirrors the lack of standards in selecting the local administration staff,” Basescu said.

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