Elena Udrea to file criminal complaints against members of investigation committee

Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea announced on Monday in a press statement at the headquarters of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L, in the ruling coalition) that she would file criminal complaints against each of the members of the parliamentary committee investigating the activity of the institution she is heading.

Udrea said that in the complaints referred to the Prosecution Office she will accuse the committee members who participated in the talks taped and played in mass media of abuse of office against public interests and abuse of office against the individual, entering an association with a view to breaching the law and attempt to determine false testimony.

The Minister of Tourism accused the inquiry committee of resorting to „illegal means” – which is proven by the recording reproduced in mass media – in order to „discredit PD-L.’

According to Elena Udrea, the recording demonstrates that the purpose of the committee members is not to clear the circumstances of public money spending by the Ministry, but „to get the Minister of Tourism indicted through threats and blackmail, phone tapping, misinformation, public opinion manipulation, intoxication and lies.’

The Minister of Tourism announced that neither she, nor any employee of the Ministry will any longer report to the inquiry committee, which they consider „illegal.”

Instead, Elena Udrea will request that an authorized institution – the National Authority for Public Procurement Regulation and Monitoring (ANRMAP), the Court of Auditors, or any other institution with relevant competence – should perform a control at the Ministry of Tourism to prove that its activity is perfectly legal.


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