PNL leader says Constitution should be modified

The National Liberal Party’s leader Crin Antonescu forwarded the idea of altering the fundamental Law as regards the institution of the Romanian president, saying that the current provisions of the Constitution regarding this chapter „are not the most suitable”.

„Who wants to be the president of Romania should observe what the Constitution stipulates for the president position. Perhaps the current constitutional provisions referring to the president of Romania are not the most suitable.

Perhaps there are things to be modified, revised, settled once and for all for the better in Romania’s fundamental Law as regards this chapter as well”, Crin Antonescu said in Brasov (north-west of Bucharest), at the PNL Local Leaders’ League reunion.

The liberals’ leader expressed hope that all the political parties would come at a certain moment to a consent on this matter.
Crin Antonescu criticised Traian Basescu for the way the latter has understood to practice his job as the head of the state ever since he took over, in 2004.

„The fact that Traian Basescu has made the Romanian Presidency an institution for a player he thinks he is, that doesn’t mean that, once president, I should use this institution the way it fits me better”, the liberals candidate for the supreme position in the state said.


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