PNL not to make alliance with PSD, Crin Antonescu said

The National Liberal Party’s leader Crin Antonescu rejected the possibility for the Liberals to support Mircea Geoana for the position of head of state, if he himself didn’t race for the second tour of the fall’s presidential elections.

„I won’t make alliance with the Social Democratic Party not even to support Antonescu, let along to support Mircea Geoana.

This presidential campaign is a political battle for a „position, for an institution which, in my opinion, should not make the subject of some political barter between parties”, Crin Antonescu said, when asked if he made an understanding with the PSD.

Antonescu criticised the way Geoana behaves as a leader of a co-ruling party , accusing him of talking „as if he is in the Opposition”.
„I don’t agree with the conduct of Mr. Geoana, as he is the leader of a co-ruling party.

It is not fair, when he has at least half of the responsibility of the governance, to talk as if he is in the Opposition, it is not fair for he to accept the use of some public resources for his electoral campaign and it is not fair for he to highly warrant some music concerts, as he is not a musician, as far as I know, nor a singer, not even a citizen from Mangalia (south-east of Bucharest on the Black Sea Coast) on whose account all these things are done”, Crin Antonescu added.


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