There should be negotiation on anti-crisis measures, Democrat Liberal Flutur says

The Democrat Liberal leaders are willing to negotiate with the Social Democrats on the anti-crisis measures, less the education laws, PD-L vice-president Gheorghe Flutur said before the meeting of the Central Coordinating Political Bureau on Monday.

He stressed the Democrat Liberals are willing to hold a dialogue and they will negotiate the anti-crisis measures proposed by the ruling co-partners Social Democrats (PSD).

‘We’ll sit at the table with the PSD and we’ll see which the best solution for the Romanian economy is. There should be negotiation; that is why we hold a meeting of the coalition’, he added.

On the education laws, Flutur announced the authorities will meet the Sept. 2 deadline announced by Prime Minister Emil Boc for the Government’s taking responsibility for the so-called Miclea package and stressed ‘the PSD should think better’ before it pronounces against the version put forward by former Education Minister Mircea Miclea.

‘We have a partnership. We must meet a calendar with respect to the basic reforms and one of the areas is the education. I think there has been enough time for debates. I don’t think we need any more incidents in universities, as we had in this summer’, the Democrat Liberal leader said.

PD-L first vice-president and Economy Minister Adriean Videanu announced that a weekly evaluation of the economic crisis is being made and that the required measures will be proposed.

Videanu again criticized the measures proposed by the Social Democrats to fight the crisis and said some of them run counter the European regulations; he didn’t elaborate, though.

‘Had they observed the rules the PD-L observed, there would have no longer been such an embarrassing situation in which they proposed measures running counter the European regulations’, Videanu said.

When asked to comment Social Democrat president Mircea Geoana’s remarks that he is not interested in ‘beauty contests’ related to the anti-crisis measures, Videanu said deridingly: ‘Mr. Geoana knows a lot about the economy’.

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