Bucharest City Hall to overhaul spending, investment priorities

The Bucharest City Hall will overhaul in the coming period its spending and investment priorities, taking into account the economic crisis that hurts the Capital City and the entire country, General Mayor Sorin Oprescu announced.

Oprescu said that all e-tenders posted by the municipality were approved by the General Council of Bucharest and are included in the approved local budget, but that unnecessary spending should be cut back.

‘We are these days overhauling priorities in the interests of the municipality and I can say the first thereof is to ensure the city’s functionality.

We decided to halt the procurement of public clocks, we canceled the architectural monument at the Patriarchy Palace and the acquisition of urban furniture, which is too expensive and no emergency now.

We will analyze all investment projects and reconsider priorities,’ said Oprescu.
The Bucharest Mayor said that large-size investment works, specifically the Basarab flyover and the ‘Lia Manoliu’ Stadium will go on come what may, within the settled parameters.

The General Mayor said he does not want to squander public money and therefore he has decided that only those investment works should be continued that can be completed this year.

‘We struck off the list a series of projects because the economic situation is changing from one day to another but there will still be active building sites in Bucharest. Works will be going on at the Unirea, Victoria and Lujerului underground passages,’ said the mayor of the Capital City.

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