Coalition leaders agree on 32 anti-crisis measures

The leaders of the governmental coalition agreed, on Monday, on 32 anti-crisis measures, announced the PSD president Mircea Geoana, after the meeting of the Central Political Coordinating Bureau of the coalition.

The Social-Democratic Party, PSD, obtained the renouncing to the minimum taxation, starting next year, but not also to the setting up of a national fund for youths as tenants, said the Social-Democratic leader.

According to the PSD president, there are 15 measures for the boosting of the economy and the increase in the number of jobs, nine measures for the rise in the budget incomes, six measures for the rationalization of the budget expenses and two for the rise in liquidity in the banking sector.

The Social-Democratic leader said that, during the meeting on Monday, the Democratic- Liberal partners accepted 20 of the 24 measures proposed by the PSD+PC Alliance, some of them have been promoted also in the anti-crisis programme of PD-L. Also, according to Mircea Geoana, the Central Political Coordinating Bureau adopted 13 of the 37 measures proposed by by PD-L.

According to Geoana, the most important measure proposed to the PSD+PC Alliance, that has not been accepted by the PD-L, was the creation of the National Fund of Dwellings, by which the youths earning small incomes can have access to dwellings that are not expensive, possibly subsidized.

He also said that PSD cannot accept the proposal of PD-L of elimination of the collective labour contract, because it is „an abusive measure, going counter to the interests of the employees.”

Among the measures of boosting the economy, there are state aid schemes for the payment of debts and investment for small and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs;

support to the industry for export, by guarantees and counter-guarantees, exemption from the reinvested profit in the real economy; the use of the off-set clauses for making investment notably in the area of the food industry;

the granting of fiscal crediting for the renovation and modernization of the dwellings and buildings; the use of the banking letters as a guarantee for the good execution for the companies in the field of constructions;

the development of a national environment and irrigation project, for the electrification of villages included, by putting together the state stake, ensuring the financing of the projects of national importance, as Geoana plan, launched one month ago stipulates.

Geoana also said that agreed has been the extension of the Ramshackle programme for tractors and other agricultural equipment, starting on Jan 1, 2010, also to legal persons, as of Sept 1, 2009, as well as the increase in the capital for the Fund for the Guaranteeing of the Rural Credit.

Another measure that should stimulate the domestic and foreign direct investment is the the modification of the investment law by the fall from 50 million euros to 10 million euros of the direct investment ceiling for which the regime of fiscal incentives and drops in taxation is applied.

From the nine measures for the rise in the budget revenues, Geoana mentioned the elimination of the minimum taxation, as of Jan 1, 2010, and its replacement by a lump sum tax and the fall in taxation.

From the two measures regarding the budget sector there are the temporary exemption from taxation of the interest related to the sums given by the natural persons and the proposal of vice- premier Dan Nica, made two weeks ago, of issuing euro-bonds through the Ministry of Finance.

According to Geoana, the money got, around half a million billion euros, would have to go exclusively to investment in the period to come.

The PSD head said that, along with the 32 measures in the programmes of the two parties, adopted has been one aiming at the creation of a national programme for the national roads, ” a mechanism which can immediately lead to multiplying effects at the level of the economy and of the jobs.

A topic still needing some refining at the level of the working groups is, according to Geoana, the proposal of PSD regarding the instituting of a ceiling up to which the youth with small incomes can benefit from tax exemptions.

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