Dan Voiculescu: If we implement PD-L’s measure, we’ll have no money to pay wages and pensions

In the founding President of the Conservative Party (PC) Dan Voiculescu’s opinion, the PD-L’s (Democratic Liberal Party) anti-crisis measures, which were announced by the Minister of Economy Adriean Videanu, ‘contain errors and superficial proposals, while offering no clear solution to restart the engines of the Romanian economy,’ with the Government to remain soon without the money needed to cover the wages and pensions, unless it gives us such plans.

‘The anti-crisis plan presented by Adriean Videanu for PD-L shows the complete lack of professionalism of the Economy Minister and the total disinterest of the PD-L in implementing solid measures to help the country out of the crisis.

PD-L in fact resumes older talks and pretends them new, so as the case of the de minimis aid long ago approved by the European Union;

it assumes measures which are not of its own and which it had first rejected, such as exempting from tax reinvested profit, or it just advances mistaken proposals, like replacing guarantees in cash with a bank letter of guarantee,” Dan Voiculescu said, according to a release of the PC’s press office on Monday.

He also added that, in the context Romania involved itself in debts and with the Ministry of Finance borrowing money to be able to pay wages and pensions, the PD-L’s measures offer no solution for the relaunch of the country’s economy.


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