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ForMin urges Romanians not to exceed legal stay period in Japan

The Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) on Monday called on the Romanian citizens who plan to travel to Japan to strictly observe the laws in this country and not to exceed the legal stay period, set at 90 days in a 6-month time, in order to turn the measure into permanent policy.

The measure is temporary, being valid for two years only. It will become conclusive if no incident happens by the end of this two-year period.

Romanian citizens will be able to travel to Japan without visa, from September 1, but they will have to present a valid passport, while the visit should not last more than 90 days, according to the Japanese Embassy in Bucharest.

Thus, the Japan Embassy said that starting September 1st ‘the Romanian citizens that have a valid passport and want to go to Japan with the intention to stay only for a period of 90 consecutive days, can do so without a visa.’

The measure is aimed at marking the 50 years since the resuming of diplomatic ties between Romania and Japan, with a view to boosting commercial and cultural exchanges.

Romanian citizens who want to go to Japan will have to observe the legislation and regulation of this country, it is also said in the release from the Embassy.

Moreover, the Japanese Government preserves its right to temporarily suspend the measure, due to reasons related to public policies, including related to public safety, peace and health.

The Romanian Government will be previously announced of any such suspension.
Moreover, the Japanese Government will have the right to refuse the entrance or staying of such Romanian citizens who are considered undesirable.


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