In ruling coalition meeting, PSD leader urges stepped up decentralization

President of the power-sharing Social Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana declared on Monday, at the end of the meeting of the ruling coalition leaders, that given the absence of any progress in the past months as regards the process of decentralization, and considering also the passage of a new law on public finance, he has asked that the timetable of the decentralization process be sped up.

„It is important that we decentralize, but let us also decentralize resources for the local authorities, which are closer to the citizen than the ministries in Bucharest, to be able to do their job,” underscored Geoana.

The Social Democratic leader said that the participants in the meeting were partially briefed on the recent debates held in Busteni (country south) on the subject of the public administration cost standards and that it was decided that a final viewpoint be adopted by September 2, for „the future legislation to include clear regulations for the public administration.’

„A common viewpoint on these standards is taking shape. They are necessary because we must know what to expect in terms of cost and quality of the services financed from the Romanian taxpayer’s money.

We expect that until next week such standards are also defined for the central administration, especially for the ministries that are high public money spenders,’ said Geoana.


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