Policemen take to the street to call for their rights

Some 1,000 policemen on Monday protested in several cities, Bucharest included, accusing the subfinanc ing of the field and asking funds for the payment of extra hours and rents of those policemen who are not working in the localities of residence.

According to Toader Paraschiv, secretary general of the national trade union of policemen and contract-based employed personnel with the Interior Ministry, the discontents were caused by the lack of funds for the activities’ good unfolding.
Another discontent is the number of employees of the public safety system.

In Bucharest, some 200 policemen, members of the National Union of the Police Officers and Contract-based employed Personnel (SNPPC) on Monday protested in front of the presidential palace Cotroceni.

‘We have come here to show the public opinion the situation the Ministry of Administration and the Interior is faced with from a financial and human resources’ viewpoint, in a situation of crisis when the criminality tendency is on the rise,’ said president of the National Union of the Police Officers and Contract-based employed Personnel, Marin Gruia.

He said that the financial shortage of the Interior Ministry was caused by the cut in the institution’s budget in April by over 400 million lei, funds earmarked for services and necessary goods for the unfolding of the professional activities by policemen.
Police protets are scheduled to continue by Friday.

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