Romania’s population continues dwindling

Romania’s population continued dwindling also in June 2009, like the trend of the past months, the dead exceeding the live-born infants – a negative natural growth that caused the population number to drop by 1,253 people, National Statistics Institute (INS) data inform.

Romania’s population had decreased by 3,347 people in May 2009.

And 18,478 (10.5 live-born per 1,000 dwellers) infants were born in June 2009, by 1,368 more than in May, INS data say.
As many as 19,731 people died in June (1.2 dead in 1,000 persons), by 726 less than in May.

As many as 178 infants (9.6 in 1,000) died in June compared to 175 in May. The child mortality rate in June 2009 was lower by 35 less-than-one-year old babies than in June 2008, INS data say.


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