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Survey finds 18pc of Romanians credit Gov’t with little success in handling economic crisis

Some 18 percent of the Romanians believe that the current government will manage to only a very small extent to solve the issues arisen as a result of the economic and financial economic crisis, whereas 20 percent credit the Cabinet with only little success, found a survey conducted by social research institute Metro Media Transilvania (MMT).

The study found that only five percent of the interviewed believe that the current ruling line¬up will succeed to a great extent in solving problems triggered by the economic crisis.
As for how long it will take the administration to solve the economic and financial problems, the respondents averaged six years.

Only two percent of the Romanians believe that the economic crisis will be settled in 2009; three percent say one year would be necessary; 10 percent see a two-year time for solving the problems; nine percent see the problems fixed in three years; six percent – in four years, and eight percent in five years.

Also, nine percent of the respondents believe that these problems will not be fixed any sooner than in 6-10 years, whereas four percent say this will take more than 10 years.

The survey shows that 21 percent of the Romanians believe that the current government will never succeed in solving the problems generated by the financial and economic crisis.

According to the study, 22 percent of respondents said that their life in general, but also their personal incomes have been largely affected by the economic crisis, while 21 percent believe that the family incomes have suffered the most from the financial crisis.

Some 26 percent of the Romanians said that the crisis has to a great extent affected both their life in general and their incomes as well.

The MMT research shows that only seven percent of the Romanians reported that their life stayed unaffected by the crisis, 12 percent said their personal incomes were not in the least affected and 10 percent reported the same about family incomes.

As to the extent to which their job and the company/institution they work for are crisis-proof, 21 percent and 20 pct respectively of the Romanians, said this was very much affected by the crisis, whereas 17 percent and 19 percent respectively, said the security of their job and respectively of the company/institution employing them was not in the least affected.

The MMT survey was conducted over July 20 – August 10 by the omnibus multi-theme questioning method, and was not commissioned by any beneficiary.

The sample included 18 cultural areas, three types of rural and four types of urban localities.
The subjects were selected from the electoral rolls, by a statistical increment. The sample was 2,025- strong and the survey’s maximum margin of error is + /-2.2 percent with a probability of 95 percent.


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