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Trade unions in administration threaten with protests

The National Federation of the Trade Unions in the Administration (FNSA) announced on Monday, at a press conference, that in the period to come they intend to organize a series of protests at the level of Bucharest and of the entire country, if the Government does not urgently start negotiations with it in order to find solutions regarding the announced restructuring measures.

Leader of Cartel Alfa National Confederation Bogdan Hossu said that in Bucharest, around 25,000 people can gather, and at local level, function of the union federations which will join FNSA, the number of protesters could reach 5,000-6,000.

Executive head of FNSA Romel Neagu said he had already sent a protest to President Traian Basescu and PM Emil Boc, saying he is „very much surprised” with the statements made by them and informs about their list of claims.

FNSA asked president Traian Basescu „to reconsider his position regarding the local public administration.”

According to Neagu, the unionists in the administration want the preservation of the jobs in the local public administration, the keeping of the current revenues of the employees, the promotion of the uniform salary law in the budget sector, and the suspension during the period of the economic crisis of the incompatibilities the public servants are submitted to.

„We believe that the current crisis is caused by political factors that could not find viable solutions for the redress of the economy. (…)
The restructuring measure is not one apt to solve the economic problems, they have to be taken with much attention in order not to reach an administrative blockage.

FNSA decided to open the labour conflict and to start protests, if the government does not call us to have talks,” said Neagu.
In case the representatives of the Government will not pay attention to what he says, the Federation could start protests on Oct 1.

The leader of Cartel Alfa Bogdan Hossu denounced the lack of transparency of the Executive and accused the Government that it has launched itself in public statements, causing tension and polemics among the employees in the Administration.

Hossu criticized the fact that the Government did not clearly set the standardization and the guaranteeing of the staff working in the administration, saying that such norms have to be set.
„This announced restrictive measures seem to me not to be based on a healthy ground.

Those who are speaking do not have the necessary experience. Each mayor sets a certain structure of the staff, and in the administration there are units differing in subordination, some of them are answerable to the local councils, others are answerable to the mayors.

We agree with a restructuring, but one based on a legal framework and on a fair analysis. We agree with a restructuring, but one based on a legal framework and on a correct analysis,” said Executive head of FNSA Romel Neagu.


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