Boc: Government has as major task achievement of structural reforms

The government has as a major task the achievement of the structural reforms of the Romanian society, said, on Tuesday, PM Emil Boc, at a public debate initiated by speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, regarding the laws of the system of Education.

„When I speak about the reform of Education I take into account the fact that I know very well that this Government is under the check of Parliament and answers politically in front of the Legislative.

That is why the actions of the Government will be put under the ruling programme accepted and approved by Parliament,” said Emil Boc.

According to the prime minister, the current Government has been made in order to answer two major challenges, namely the management of the economic crisis and the achievement of the reform of the Romanian state.

„This partnership made up between the Democratic-Liberal Party and the Social-Democratic Party, PSD, with a substantial majority, can achieve the reform that other people have not done.

The Government, based on the Government for Romania, has tried, and I say it has succeeded to create the framework for the business environment to be able to bear these difficult conditions, keeping the flat tax of 16 percent, keeping unmodified the VAT of 19 percent, increasing the absorption degree of the community funds, supporting as much as it could, by state aid schemes and governmental guarantees, the private environment, the environment millieu, in order to be able to meet these hardships,” stressed the prime minister.

Boc said that the unemployment rate in Romania is one of the lowest in the European Union, even though the number of unemployed increased in the past year, and he mentioned that the Government succeeded to pay its social obligations, „even though sometimes, under difficult conditions.”

„We have succeeded to keep a balanced euro-leu rate of exchange, allowing the Romanians to pay their credits or to meet their financial commitments, and evidently, this anti-crisis demarch continues,” said Emil Boc.


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