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Central Bank okays operation of new crediting institution

Romania’s Central Bank, BNR, okayed the operation of a new crediting institution, the Commercial Railways Bank, BCF, with full Romanian capital, according to a release of BCF.

The new institution intends to ensure high quality services to its customers, swift operation and transparency in achieving and running transactions, with the target in view being the setting of business relations on long term with the customers.

The commercial strategy of the bank will be permanently directed towards offering banking services in the Romanian market at the highest quality standards.

The development policy of the bank is aimed at a sustainable growth in turnover, based on a cautious attitude in the management of the specific risks apt to ensure the stability and viability of the bank on long term.
BCF will offer banking services to all the categories of customers, natural and legal persons.

The main shareholder of the bank is Valer Blidar, who wants a total share of 90.5 percent of the bank’s capital, of which 39.5 percent directly and 51 percent through two companies he is controlling, namely SC Astra Vagoane Calatory SA (carriages) (26 percent) and SC Tristar SRL (25 percent).

Also, the shareholding includes the workshops CFR Grivita, that hold a quota of 9.5 percent of the capital.
General director and president of the Administration Council of the said bank is Petre Tulin. He was, for several years, at the head of the Directorate for Regulation and Authorization of BNR, and next president of HVB Banca pentru Locuinte (Housing) and of BCR Banca pentru Locuinte (Housing).

The initial share capital of the bank stands at 45 million lei and it will increase in the coming years, in line with the business policy of the bank and with the feasibility study approved by BNR.

BCR will start to operate this year and will run banking operations in hard currency with clients natural and legal persons. For that purpose, it will open at least ten subsidiaries until the end of the current year.


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