Companies will die one after another unless we implement anti-crisis measures, AVAS head says

Romanian companies will disappear one after another, unless we implement the anti-crisis measures beginning on September 1, the AVAS (State Assets Recovery Authority) head Mircea Ursache told a TV broadcast.

‘It is a good thing parties have finally reached a political consensus, but the measures must be implemented no later than as of September 1. Otherwise, we will watch the companies die one after another,’ the AVAS head said.
He also added that the anti-crisis package is going to take the form of a law, with norms for the application to follow.

The AVAS head also added, on the same occasion, that the returning of the properties confiscated from their owners during the communist regime should have been made in equivalent and not in kind.

‘The returning process was bad for the Romanian economy and society, as we should have returned equivalent values of the lost properties and not the properties as such,’ Ursache said.

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