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Diaconescu: We will focus on forging bilateral accords with Chisinau, once a new Moldovan Govt is formed

Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu on Tuesday voiced conviction that Romania and Moldova would sign the bilateral accords, to the benefit of the two countries’ citizens, once the Chisinau Government is formed.

„We hope for a positive solution for Moldova’s European perspective. I am convinced that once the Government in Chis inau formed, we will be able to focus on the signing of bilateral accords that favor the two countries’ citizens,” Diaconescu said.

There are several important accords waiting to be signed, such as the basic political treaty and that on state borders and on the petty trade at border , allowing those who live within 50 Km from the border to travel without visas.

Moldova’s newly elected parliament was convened in a first meeting on August 28th to elect the president and form the government.

Marian Lupu, leader of the Democratic Party, after the parliamentary elections of July 29th said that the new parliament was to annual the Govt decision according to which Romanian citizens needed visas to enter Moldova, which is a serious violation of the European norms and of the good neighborliness principles.

Chisinau introduced the visa requirement for Romanian citizens on April 9th, accusing several Romanians of having taken part in the protest actions on April 7th. The Communist authorities in Chisinau said that the visa system would be lifted when Romania signs the Basic Treaty with the Republic of Moldova.


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