Health Ministry wants Austrian model for national oncology programme

Romania’s Health Minister Ion Bazac told a news conference on Monday that he wanted to use the Austrian model for the reorganization of the national oncology programme.

In this respect Minister Bazac said he had invited Europe’s ‘most appreciated’ oncologist the famous Professor Christoph Zielinski that has shared and will continue sharing with the Romanian specialists the experience he has been gathering in the implementation of the clinical guides and therapeutic protocols, at the Oncology Hospital in Vienna.

At the same time, spoke to the Romanian oncologists about how the oncology system works, and how the patients suffering with cancer are treated in Austria.

‘Prof. Zielinski have treated very many Romanians suffering with cancer and they have benefited from the growth in the life quality and healing. Unfortunately these Romanian patents were traveling to Vienna to the hospital Prof. Zielinski heads, to be treated of cancer.

We are determined to implement in Romania treatment and organization solutions whose efficiency has been proved and the Romanian patients may unceasingly benefit from appropriate treatments,’ Minister Bazac stressed.

He added that as a first, starting September 1, therapeutic protocols for breast, colon, cervix and prostate cancer would get in force in the Romanian oncology hospitals as well.

Minister Bazac said he intended to control the expenditures in the national oncology programme, so that they should be optimally managed and as many as possible patients may benefit from the treatment.
‘It is for this reason why, two weeks ago, we reallocated money from other programmes,’ Minister Bazac said.

Professor Zielinski, in his turn, was impressed with Minister Bazac’s initiative of reforming the national oncology programme. Minister Bazac identified the problem, recognized it and found the best solution, the Austrian Professor stressed.

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