PM Boc: Govt’s major task is to carry out structural reforms

The Government’s major task is to carry out the structural reforms of the Romanian society, Prime Minister Emil Boc said at the public debates on the education laws held by the Deputies’ Chamber on Tuesday.

‘When I speak of the education reform I never forget that this Government is under the control of Parliament and it is answerable to the law-making body from a political viewpoint.
Therefore, the Government’s actions will be subordinated to the governing programme accepted and approved by Parliament’, Boc stressed.

According to the prime minister, the current Government was set up to answer two major challenges: the management of the economic crisis and the achievement of the Romanian state’s reform.

‘This partnership set up between the (ruling – editor’s note) Democrat Liberals and Social Democrats, with a substantial majority, can carry out these reforms that others failed to make.

The Government based on the Partnership for Romania has tried and, in my opinion, has succeeded in these months at rule, amid an extremely difficult internal and international context, maybe the most difficult in the last 60 years in terms of the economy, (it has succeeded) in creating the framework for the business environment to withstand these tough conditions, by keeping the 16 percent flat tax rate, by keeping the 19 percent VAT unchanged, by increasing the absorption rate of the EU funds, by backing the private sector to cope with these difficulties as much as it could, by state aid schemes and governmental guarantees’, Boc explained.


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