Romania has enough wheat not to take from import for domestic consumption

Romania will have no need to import wheat to ensure its domestic consumption, at least not before the 2010 spring, general manager with the Agriculture Ministry Daniel Botanoiu on Tuesday told.

‘Although there appeared numerous information referring to to the small production and the low quality of the wheat this year to force to import for otherwise we will not be able to ensure domestic consumption, I can say that, at least till next year’s spring, we will have enough wheat not to import.

Obviously, I’m not referring to such ongoing import agreements, which have nothing to do with this year’s crops and that are in fact quite insignificant,’ Botanoiu said.

According to the abovementioned source, although the quality is not certain yet, at least 3 of the 5 million tones of wheat obtained this year will be, no doubt, available for us to make plans.

‘Even with 2 tonnes only, we will have enough wheat to satisfy the domestic consumption of 250,000 tonnes per month, at least for 8 months, that is until 2010,’ Botanoiu said.

Moreover, he added, usually, when the production is insufficient, there are seen certain movements to ensure the stocks on the wheat market, which this year didn’t happen.

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