Romania to make Russia available all South Stream information

Romania has not received an official invitation to take part in South Stream project, but it is ready to make the Russian side available all the relevant data to help it complete the surveys in accordance with the international agreements signed by the two states, Economy Minister Adriean Videanu told RFI radio.

‘I want to say from the very beginning that the Nabucco project is Romania’s top priority.
Nabocco is the project for securing Romania’s energy safety that solves the two big problems, namely the diversification of the routes and of the supply sources, which implicitly leads to ensuring the energy security.

In parallel to the Nabucco project, Romania doesn’t reject any other project that will strengthen Romania’s energy security.
I want to point out that Romania has not yet received any official invitation to take part in the South Stream project…

For the moment, Romania is ready to supply the Russian side all the relevant data to help it complete its surveys, in accordance with all the international agreements Romania signed,’ Videanu said, adding the authorities cannot pronounce on this project, as they have no official invitation yet to take part in it.
The minister stressed this is a political issue that should be analysed in all the Romanian institutional bodies.


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