Spiru Haret University, on list of certified private education institutions

The Government on Wednesday decided the introduction of the Spiru Haret University on the list of certified private educational institutions, the Government’s spokesperson Ioana Muntean announced at Victoria Palace.

‘The Government decided on Wednesday the introduction of Spiru Haret University on the list of private certified education units, clearly mentioning the certified specializations and curricula certified or authorised to run provisionally within this education units.

In this respect, the executive changed the Government’s decision no 749/2009 on the approval of the registry of fields, structures of higher education institutions and specializations and programmes of university degree examination certified or authorised to run provisionally organised by them,’ said Ioana Muntean.

Muntean said that the measure was taken after the approval in the Government meeting of last week of the ordinance on students’ rights registered with the distance or education units with part-time courses of continuing studies in degree examination programmes authorised to run provisionally or certified.

‘The normative act presented by minister Andronescu established the legal framework for the measures proposed by Education Minister with the goal of Spiru Haret University’s gaining legitimacy.

One of the most important measures the ordinance had referred to was the dismantling of education for all specializations, programmes of studies provisionally authorised or certified for distance education,’ said Ioana Muntean.

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