Tourist Information Desk at the Nord railway station of Bucharest

The first Tourist Information Desk, the result of a project initiated by the ministry of Culture, Religious Affairs and National Patrimony (MCCP) and the Tourism Ministry was opened on Tuesday at the Nord railway station of Bucharest.

„We are trying to develop, from our own money, an information network all over Romania.
For 2010 we plan to open another 50 such desks all over Romania and by year-end at least another five in Bucharest, in the University Square, the Old Center, The Village Museum, The Henri Coanda airport and the Baneasa Airport.

We count on the local authorities’ support,” said Cristian Manea, R&E Media Exclusive Business.
According to Manea, a Tourist Magazine will be opened in two months and freely distributed in hotel rooms, cigarettes, airports and tourist information points.


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