Gov’t approves two ordinances in health sector

The government has decided in its meeting of Wednesday an Ordinance according to which the hospitals transferred to local authorities could be able to unfold health programmes financed from the Budget of the Health Ministry.

Health Minister Ion Bazac said at the beginning of the meeting that according to the emergency ordinance no 162/2008 as many as 18 hospitals of Bucharest and four hospitals of Oradea (western Romania) were transferred last year to local authorities.

‘Please give your consent to approve the Government’s Decision through which these units transferred to the local authorities may unfold national health programmes financed by the Health Ministry, because the text of the Ordinance (162/2008) did not stipulate this and the programmes were unfolding at the time of the transfer to local authorities.

In this way the continuity to medical treatment is provided, especially in the main programmes – oncology and diabetes,’ said Ion Bazac.

PM Emil Boc stressed that the Health minister has to prepare a normative act until next week that should stipulate that any transfer of attributions to local authorities will be made with the allotment of due financial resources.

Another decision approved by the Government in the meeting of Wednesday focused on the modification of a normative act on the approval of national health programmes on 2009.

‘By this normative act we are re-allocating the Health Ministry’s health programmes in order to redistribute a part of the sums saved within the programme of compensation of drugs by 90%, resulted from the cut in the prices of drugs, to the two programmes with financing deficit, namely oncology and diabetes.

A new programme that will be drawn up is the programme on the fight against swine flu A/H 1N1, said Ion Bazac.


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