MCSI starts, for a second time, tender regarding e-Romania portal

The Ministry of Communications and the Information Society, MCSI, resumed the auction for the creation of the portal e-Romania, worth over 42 million lei, or 10 million euros, with the Electronic System of Public Acqusitions and the achievement of the desideratum of an administration without papers representing a priority of the Government for reaching the objectives of modernization of the public administration.”

The portal e-Romania is an interactive platform, through which the citizens could pay on the Internet the taxes and charges, as well as many other public services.

The contract, called e-Romania, supposes the conclusion of a framework agreement with only one economic agent, during a period of fourteen months, worth 42.01 million lei, without VAT.

The opening of the tenders will take place on Oct 1, at the headquarters of MCSI.

This July, the first procedure of each tender for the portal e-Romania was annulled, on the grounds that its documentation needs major modifications of content. The limit deadline for the submission of the files was set on Aug 20, 2009.

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