Roche Romania’s sales up 50 pct

General manager of Roche Romania Dan Zamonea, one of the strongest executive managers in the Romanian pharmaceutical industry, said that he pushed his growth estimates from 5 up to 15 percent this year, after a growth in sales by 50 percent in the first half of the year, up to 350 million lei (83 million euros).

The evolution of the Swiss group on the local market was based on the portfolio of oncology drugs (used to treat cancer), currently generating some 35 percent of the company’s business.

‘Sales in the first half of last year stood at much lower levels on the oncology segment. Practically, the sales increased in the second half of the year, especially in the last quarter,’ Zamonea told Ziarul financiar.

Roche Romania holds a market share of 10 percent and was the top player on the market last year, after GlaxoSmithKline had dominated for 10 years. Roche Romania announced 7 percent loss in half one.

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