EximBank grants loans to companies indebted with the state budget

EximBank will help companies facing a lack of liquidities, by granting them loans to pay their debts to the state, reads a release of the bank.
The loans will be short-term ones (of up to 12 months) and will cover even 100 percent the companies’ debts.

Before actually granting the loan, the bank will take into account first the history of the respective company’s financial performances, the estimates for the company’s evolution during the entire interval of the loan as well as the guarantees offered by the company.

With this product, EximBank will try to place itself as a bridge linking the companies to the state, with the bank’s management expecting the loans to generate positive effects for both parties, in the context in which, on one hand, the companies will be able to pay their taxes and, on the other hand, the bank will be able to contribute to an increase of the budget revenues.

The loans represent one of a series of products currently offered by EximBank in both its own name and in the name of the state too.
Any company recording debts with the state’s consolidated budget and that was not registered with the Banking Risk Centre’s database will be able to access this product.

The companies who will access the loan will benefit also of a discount o 50 percent from the bank’s commission, as part of the temporary anti-crisis measures adopted by EximBank.


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