Gov’t allotted 900,000 euros for medical treatment abroad programme

The Romanian Government at the latest meeting allotted 900,000 euros for the medical treatment abroad of 8 patients suffering from leukemia, bone cancer or who needed liver transplantation, reads a release on Thursday of the Health Ministry.

‘Most of the patient who get these money suffer from leukemia and need bone marrow transplantation. There are also among them some who need liver transplantation, alternative chemotherapy for leukemia or treatment for mandibular cancer.

The patients, aged between 5 months and 51 years, will be treated in clinics in Israel, Germany, Austria and Belgium,” reads the pres release.

Approx. 450,000 euros form this amount will be provided by the Health Ministry, with the remaining to come from the Labour Ministry.

The Health Ministry allotted 19,036,000 lei for medical treatment abroad in 2009, more than double compared with the figure in 2008 – 8,200,000 lei.
Since the beginning of the year, 60 patients obtained money.

The national programme for medical treatment abroad was meant to solve such medical cases with no solutions in Romania.


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