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Minister Udrea subpoenaed again by inquiry committee for Sept. 1

The parliamentary committee inquiring into the spending of the Ministry of Tourism will once again subpoena incumbent Minister Elena Udrea for hearings on Sept. 1; the subpoena will be delivered to Udrea’s home.

At the end of their Thursday meeting, the members of the committee established the schedule for next week, deciding to invite on Wednesday for hearings all the persons who refused to report on Thursday before the deputies.

The deputies agreed to invite representatives of companies Eventures, Media Investment, Clear Media and Media DBV House to provide details on the contracts signed with the Ministry of Tourism.

Following the proposal made by PSD deputy Nicolae Banicioiu, a request will be referred to BRD for a bank representative to personally submit to the committee the entire documentation Elena Udrea and the Tourism Ministry have sealed with the credit institution.

On Friday, the committee will also work out and send Premier Emil Boc a letter asking him to clarify his stance on Udrea’s attitude towards the members of the parliamentary investigation body.

Letters will also be sent to Eurosport and CNN or the representation offices thereof in Romania, „should they be identified,’ whereby the committee will require information connected to the advertising contracts concluded by the ministry headed by Elena Udrea.

Tourism Minister Elena Udrea left the hearings of the parliamentary committee set up to inquire into her ministry’s spending after nearly half an hour on Thursday, saying she would only come back after those who had taken part in the discussion leaked to the media and who want to damage her credibility resigned from the committee.

Udrea was speaking of committee chairman Liberal Ludovic Orban, Liberal deputy Adriana Saftoiu, Social Democrats Aura Vasile and Dumitru Chrita and Liberal deputy Claudiu Taga.

The minister left the hearings saying she did not recognize the legitimacy of the committee in its current composition and that the five deputies should resign from Parliament.

„I am waiting for you to resign,” Udrea told the five deputies, stressing that she has observed the Romanian laws since taking up as Tourism Minister.
Committee chairman Orban warned Udrea her remarks were outside the legal framework, since she was making comments that had nothing to do with the committee’s scope.

After leaving the hearings, the Minister said she was challenging the competence of the members of the inquiry committee who had taken part in a discussion taped and leaked to the news media.
She said she wanted those members removed from the body in line with the Constitution and the respect of human rights.


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