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PNL asks for resignation of Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea

The National Liberal Party (PNL) asked the Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea to resign, for ‘playing tricks with the files belonging to the Ministry, depending on how the interests of Miss Udrea (i.e. Minister of Tourism) dictate”, reads a release on Wednesday.

Liberals said they were concerned with files belonging to the Ministry of Finance and that were connected to the activity of Tourism Minister Elena Udrea were being replaced and withdrawn from the Registration Office of the Romanian Parliament.

PNL considered that the ‘gesture of the Finance Minister represent the most serious disregard of the common sense, democracy and of the values of the rule of law state’ and also that ‘the attitude of Democrat-Liberals proves the fact that Elena Udrea had hidden serious things.’

According to Liberals, ‘certain state institutions have become the property of Miss Udrea and of the PD-L,’ with PD-L having become ‘the accomplice of a person who is being suspected of acting against the public interest.’

The Liberals asked for an explanation related to how it was possible the withdrawing and replacing of the respective files belonging to the Ministry of Finance from the Registration Office of the Parliament.

Liberal Ludovic Orban, the head of the parliamentary inquiry committee in the case of Elena Udrea, accused the Ministry of Finance of having sent a courier to withdraw a file from the Registration Office of the Parliament certifying the illegality of changing the destination of certain funds by the Minister of Tourism.

According to members of the inquiry committee, the new document brought by the Ministry of Finance was saying the media was incorrect in interpreting the initial document, with the Ministry of Tourism having not disregarded the law by financing from the state budget promotional campaigns in the tourism field, without the necessary approvals.

The head of Finance on Wednesday specified in a press release he did not change in any way the documents, but only completed them.


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