Premier Boc: Public spending for investments gets in straight line

Prime Minister Emil Boc said on Thursday in the eastern city of Tulcea that as much as 4 billion euros were spent on investments, representing 45 pct of the budget assigned for this chapter.

„This year we assigned 20 pct of the country’s money for investments. Until end-July we spent 4 billion euros, a figure representing 45% of the entire amount, on investment works.

Without indulging in self-satisfaction, I can tell you that we are on the right track, given that practically the budget has been operational since March and we are now getting in the straight line in spending public resources for investments,’ said Premier Boc, who was in Tulcea to officially mark the start of repair works on the Tulcea – Dunavatu road.

The head of the government said that such spending helped maintain the Romanians’ jobs, as the country’s nationwide unemployment is one of the lowest in the European Union (EU).

‘Romania’s unemployment rate is one of the lowest across the European Union, specifically 6.3%. This is no reason for joy, but however, the figure shows that we acted right and that we kept the explosive growth of unemployment on leash as much as we could and we will keep on doing that.

We will invest even more in infrastructure, because there is no other solution, no matter how much we would be looking to neighboring countries for examples,” said Prime Minister Emil Boc.

Referring to the project that kicked off in Tulcea, the head of the government said that it is a ‘great’ project for this region that gives a new boost to tourism in the Danube Delta, as over 65,000 tourists will take advantage of this work.

„I am here to tell the Romanians that good things are happening in Romania too, that structural funds now yield fruit. Here is how a project worth 20 million euros, with the bulk of the money supplied by the European Union, will benefit Romania.

Alone for sectoral operational programs, agriculture excluded, the engaged works stand at almost 3 billion euros; this is money that will modernize Romania and I keep on believing that Romania’s chance for modernization also depends on the way we will spend the EU funds,’ added the Premier.

The head of the government participated on Thursday in Tulcea in the opening of the works on the investment „Modernization of access infrastructure to the Murighiol – Uzlina – Dunavat – Razim Lake tourism area,’ a project that receives funding under priority axis 2 of ROP 2007 – 2013 and which is worth a combined 80,850,726.42 lei.

The winners of the tender organized in June 2009 for the award of the project are two companies based in Ilfov and Bucharest respectively, Glacial Prod SA Popesti Leordeni and Delta ACM 93 SRL;

the County Council leaders announced that the value of the contract is 47,972,826.3 lei, VAT included.
The two trading companies committed to complete the works in seven months, with a 15-year guarantee term.

The specific objective of the project is to increase accessibility and mobility in the tourist area Murighiol – Uzlina – Dunavat – Lake Razim / in the south of the Danube Delta; by this project, local authorities intend to support sustainable tourism and the business environment in the south-eastern part of the county.

This is one of the most important investment projects carried out by the Tulcea County Council in recent years. In 2009 this local public authority attracted some 33 million euros in investments aimed at improving tourism infrastructure in the Danube Delta.


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