Tourism minister lodges criminal complaints against five parliamentary inquiry commission members

Tourism Minister Elena Udrea lodged on Thursday five criminal complaints to the Bucharest Prosecutor’s Office against the deputies in the parliamentary commission set up to inquire into the tourism ministry’s spending.

The five are Aura Vasile, Adriana Saftoiu, Ludovic Orban, Dumitru Chirita and Claudiu Taga.

Udrea stressed the complaints are against abuse of position against the public interests, abuse of position against the person’s interests, the association with a view to perpetrating crimes and the attempt to determine a false testimony.

The minister reiterated she would not go to the inquiry commission hearings on Thursday as long as the five deputies are part of it.
The commission was set up to investigate the way that the Tourism Ministry spent the public money on activities of promoting tourism and Romania’s image.

Udrea insisted that during the hearing of state secretary at the Tourism Ministry Sorin Munteanu no question remained unanswered.
‘As far as I can sort it out, the commission members agreed to make public accusations or leak certain information to the media, so that they might take action on it afterwards’, the tourism minister said.

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