Tourism Ministry promotes cheap destinations

Tourism Ministry will promote balneal spas in extra season and low-price offers in these spas, as well as cheap destinations, said on Thursday in a news conference, tourism minister Elena Udrea.

‘We’ll try to promote balneal spas in extra season as they will have discounts and people can take advantage. Through the ‘Tourist in Romania’ campaign we’ll promote mainly the cheap tourist packages, said Udrea.

She added that the Tourism Ministry would make investments in balneal spas, mainly in local authorities’ projects.
‘We’ve approved several projects of the local authorities.

Next year we’ll have a development strategy for the balneal tourism,’ said Udrea.
Among the projects presented by the Romanian tourism minister is also the promotion of the Ana Aslan Institute.

‘We are aiming a memorandum pertaining to the Ana Aslan Institute. The institute suffers because of scant patients, because in time there have been interests for the land surrounding the institute.
Talks with the Health Ministry are underway in this respect, while the Tourism Ministry should provide the tourism activity,’ said Udrea.


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