Basescu: Our interest to be linked to Republic of Moldova is big

President Traian Basescu on Friday backed the need to start building the checkpoint between Radauti Prut-Botosani (northeastern Romania) and Lipcani, the Republic of Moldova, arguing that Romania’s interest to be linked to its neighbour is big.

Basescu, who was on a visit to Radauti Prut, said the government should assign the funds required to begin the investment, next year most likely.
‘To the best of my knowledge, the issue of the checkpoint construction is transferred to the County Council to carry it out.

It could be financed next year, as our interest in being linked to the Republic of Moldova is big’, said Basescu, who also discussed the issue of the Radauti Prut checkpoint with Botosani County Council chairman Mihai Tabuleac.

The Romanian government decided in 2006 to open a checkpoint at Radauti Prut, but it transferred the required moves to build it to the county authorities, that do not yet have sufficient funds for the works.

The investment at Radauti Prut is required since the European Union has assigned more than three million euros in funds to build a bridge over the river Prut to link Romania to the Republic of Moldova.


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